"In order to have a just society, we must have a just monetary system."


"New Abolitionism: Monetary Reform and the Future of Social Justice"  (click here)


          The New Abolitionism Campaign (NAC) is a financial education and policy initiative designed to educate the public about the structure and social consequences of the nation’s monetary system, and advocates for monetary reforms that lead to an economic system that works for the benefit of all people.  A foundational principle of the campaign is that “in order to have a just society, we (as a nation) must have a just monetary system.” 

          With so many misconceptions about the nature, creation, and function of money in our society, the campaign seeks to educate policy makers, economists, thought leaders, and the general public about the negative impacts of our debt-based money system on economic sustainability, employment, mass incarceration, health care, public education, social security, the environment, race relations, high taxation, and a range of other social and economic issues plaguing our nation. 

          The campaign proposes an alternative theory of change that reclaims the right and power to issue the nation’s money to the government of the people for the benefit of the American people.  By democratizing the nation’s money system, the NAC aims to end social and economic despair, poverty, excessive taxation, underinvestment in public education, affordable housing, health care, social security, and the environment by making the American people and not private banks the beneficiaries of the extraordinary power to issue the nation’s money.


Educate. Change. Reclaim.


  • Educate the public about the nation's current debt-based money system.
  • Change the public discourse about the policy reforms necessary to solve our greatest social and economic problems.
  • Reclaim the government’s control over the money system, through policy, thereby ending economic bondage to debt in America.


  • Create a “popular/mainstream” public discourse surrounding the negative financial and societal consequences of our nation's debt-based money system.

  • Promote national monetary policy reforms that lead to funding government operations, services, and programs through the issuance of interest-free, government money rather than through government debt.

  • Advocate for reforms that prevent banks from controlling the U.S. money supply by creating "credit-money" out of nothing.

  • Support investments in “infrastructure” (e.g. jobs, schools, health care, the environment, housing). This will enable the benefits, of money creation, to go to those who create the nation’s prosperity.